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About this Blog

This Blog is meant for those wishing to improve their table tennis game and read up on new things TT related. I will try and provide various youtube and other sites that you can visit  to further those goals.

I am not an expert player nor a coach in any sense of the matter. I am just like many of you who enjoy the game of table tennis and appreciate how much skill is involved to play well.

There are numerous sites on the internet to obtain valuable information and instruction. I know because I have visited many of them over the years. Hopefully, I can show you some that will help improve your game.

I do not intend to say that any of them are the best out there or endorse them in any way. I’m just saying here are some that I have enjoyed and learned from, that you can visit and evaluate for yourself.

I will, over time try to include as many different instructors as possible so that you can get a smattering of what is available.

Many of them have numerous videos on all aspects of the game and if you find someone whose instruction you like you can subscribe and get many more from them.

This is especially true if you are left handed and you find a left handed instructor.

I am always looking at TT videos so if new ones come out or if something table tennis seems interesting I will post them from time to time.