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Forehand in Table Tennis, Drive & loop

The Forehand stroke is essentially hitting the ball with your hand’s most natural position. For instance, a right-hander would hit the ball from the right side of his body, while a left-hander would hit from the left side. It is considered to be the most powerful stroke in the game and can be struck in many ways: The forehand drive that takes a lower trajectory over the net and the forehand slow loop which takes a higher arc over the net are the two main strokes. There are other forehand variations: (side spin in either direction, lobbing, chop, flick, etc.) This section will deal with the Forehand Drive and the Forehand Loop. Variations will be covered in future pieces.

As you watch the youtube videos on this site you should watch as many on the same topic as possible because they will often explain things differently. If you find one instructor you like you can subscribe to their channel to see more from them on many different table tennis skills, exercises, drills etc.

This is especially true if you are left handed and find a left handed instructor. Watch them often as there will be some nuances you will miss the first time through. Don’t forget to slow the video down where needed to get the best views of the stroke.

Forehand Topspin for Beginners RT 10:39 Tom Lodziak

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Unstoppable forehand loop. RT 28.36 Pech Pong Channel A detailed piece on the forehand loop

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