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Return of Serve In Table Tennis

As you watch the youtube videos on this site you should watch as many on the same topic as possible because they will often explain things differently. If you find one instructor you like you can subscribe to their channel to see more from them on many different table tennis skills, exercises, drills etc.

This is especially true if you are left handed and find a left handed instructor.

Watch them often as there will be some nuances you will miss the first time through.

Don’t forget to slow the video down where needed to get the best views of the stroke

Easy Method for Returning Serves in Table Tennis (beginner/intermediate level) Tom Lodziak RT 12:57

How to Return 6 Basic Serves (Table Tennis)

MaLong Fanmade Channel  RT10.00

A  Simplified Approach to Returning Serves   Tom Lodziak

RT  7.58

Serve Return Tips No One Tells You About, Part 1

Seth Pech, Pech Pong Channel   RT 12:51

Serve Return Tips No One Tells You with Seth Pech Part 2

Pech Pong Channel  RT 13:00

Come back again in the future. More videos will be posted as they become available