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Rules For Play LOLTT Club

On Friday evenings, tables will be divided up by 4 intermediate, 2 advanced, and 2

beginners/family tables. Will be adjusted according to attendance.

  • If a family is waiting to use the table we will incorporate a 15-minute rotation on

the two tables.

  • Warming up at a table should not exceed 2 minutes when all tables are full.
  • When all tables are full newly arriving players should put their name on the list

that coincides with the tables they are choosing to play on.

  • Matches are played using USATT rules: Matches are completed when one player

wins three games. Games are set at 11 points.

  • The player that loses the match will leave the table and place his/her name at the

bottom of the appropriate list. The next person at the top of the list will then go

play the winner of the previous match.

  • If a player wins two matches in a row then both players will leave the table and

the next two players on the list will play the next match.

  • If both of those players put their name back on the same list then the player that

lost the match will go above the player that won two matches.

  • When it is your turn to play you are allowed to pass your turn to the next person

on the list without losing your spot.

  • You can decide to practice on a table with another player instead of playing a

match. You must limit your practice session to 15 minutes with one of the players

leaving the table after that period.

Players will need to stick to the list that they signed their name on. If another list

is empty and the table is not being used, the next players on the list can use the

table. (Does not apply to advanced players)