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Table Tennis For Beginners

First, when you go to a venue to play, DO NOT GET INTIMIDATED by the better players. They were beginners at one time and  have been playing and perfecting their game for many years.

Do not quit after the first session as you will eventually get better and play with many different and interesting people.

Although there will probably be a nucleus of players that are always there, other players will come and go and each session has the ability to be a little different.

There will be players of all levels that come out to play. You will eventually find your level and those you enjoy playing with.

Since Table Tennis players are in general a great group of friendly players,  many of them will be willing to help you from time to time. Especially if you are really trying to improve your game.

If you do not have a paddle and balls and think you might want to take the game seriously do not run out to one of the big box stores and buy them. They are usually cheaper there but chances are that you may waste your money.

If you are just going to play for fun every now and then, maybe a big box store paddle is for you. Just read on before you make that decision.

There are hundreds of paddles and rubbers on the market and it is very hard to pick the correct one right at the beginning of your table tennis career.

Rubbers, yes rubbers. Rubbers are the coverings on each side of the paddle. They are usually red on one side and black on the other, although today you can buy them in other colors. They can be purchased individually and are glued onto the paddle.

In the beginning you are looking for control and want a forgiving paddle and easy to play rubbers. As you get better you will be able to tailor the rubbers to fit your game.

That’s the beauty of a better paddle. You can remove the rubbers very easily and replace them. With cheaper paddles the rubbers are really GLUED on and do not come off without making a real mess and a lot of work.

Remember very fast paddles and fast spiny rubbers can be harder to control and you should be looking for a setup that gives you the most control.

Control first, faster and spinier as you get better!

How do you play without a paddle and balls. You visit or contact your local club to see if they have loaner paddles for new players. We have them at our club as do some of the other clubs.

Play with the loaner paddle (for more than one session) to see if you are really going to get into the game.

Talk to the other players and glean as much knowledge about the game and the equipment necessary to play. Ask where they get their equipment.

There are many places to get equipment. Paddle Palace is a popular one. Go to their website and read their guidance section on choosing paddles and rubbers.

Another site for equipment is Ask around at your club for others.

If your club has a coach they can help you decide what to get, even where to purchase it reasonably.

If you are serious and can afford it you should consider working with a coach or at least a high level player to develop your game. Once you ingrain bad habits it is very hard to break them.

But maybe you just want to have fun every now and then. If so then do not go overboard on equipment. Just have fun with whatever you want to get.

Just remember table tennis requires a lot of practice to play well but it is a sport that you can develop over the years and play forever. It is also indoors and you won’t be rained out or uncomfortable due to heat or cold weather.

Like other sports there are local, regional and national tournaments. Most have groupings according to your level of play or age.

There are also many health benefits, see our page on Health Benefits of Table Tennis.

It is a really a great game!

Come back again for further articles on many of the different table tennis strokes and other interesting things table tennis related.